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Pre-sale renovation

Iverna Court was designed for a pre-sale renovation. This involves refurbishing a property prior to sale in order to sell it for a better price. In this scenario Kensington Dexter design the property and project manage it from inception to sale on behalf of the owner. The owner receives a professional renovation ready for sale without the need to invest significant time or management on the project. Kensington Dexter have access to a number of finance options should this be required.
Pre-sale renovation

Designing for a target market

Designing for a target market
The Iverna Court property was originally a four bedroom flat, situated in a popular mansion block just off Kensington High Street. The kitchen was not easily accessible from the reception rooms, there was a lot of wasted corridor space and the bedrooms were small and cramped.

Kensington Dexter redesigned the home anticipating a buyer needing a primary home or London base for a young family. The lounge and dining room were opened out to create a large multi-functional family reception, utilising previously wasted corridor space. The reception became directly adjoining to the kitchen. Pocket doors, allowed separation when required.

A key feature of the design was a master suite with feature walk-in wardrobe and marble en-suite bathroom.

For more information on our pre-sale renovations, see the specific on this web-site.